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20 CAD /d
Northspace, Toronto



Designed especially to foster creative work efforts between a dynamic community of professional independents, Northspace ... More

25 CAD /d
CoMotion on King, Hamilton

CoMotion on King


Hamilton’s Largest Coworking Space, CoMotion On King, is a 10,000 square foot coworking space with 39 glass window offi... More

295 CAD /m
Garemtl, Montreal



Celebrate your passion for your work and focus to improve alongside fellow dynamic professional independents in Le Gare w... More

25 CAD /d
Niviti, Quebec



Offering professional independents the space for coworking, Niviti aims to break the isolation of which entrepreneurs, fr... More

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Workspace Moncton is happy to have collaborated with ConnexionWorks on the entrepreneurial passport progr... Show More
Falon Cameron
The people are fantastic, they go out of their way to help and provide me with guidance and support when ... Show More
Acker Jessica
First time trying a cowork space and it was a great experience. Modern office with a welcoming staff. Pri... Show More
Max Schumann
Reminds me of the big coworking cafes in thailand. Beautiful space, had a beer with the co-founders after... Show More
Zachary Nickerson

A whopping 92.9% of Canadians jump onto the Internet with the country ranking at spot number 21 in the world for Internet usage with a thriving digital startup and coworking scene happening. Canada overflows with bustling and vibrant cities from multicultural Toronto to French speaking Montréal with Vancouver and Halifax sitting on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. It's a huge chunk of land crossed by the Rocky Mountains and spreading from the US in the south, to the Arctic Circle in the north.

One expat reflected that he found the Wi-Fi in Canada to be widely available with plenty of cafes and coworking spaces to pop into when the need for company, services or simply to chat to another likeminded person was more pressing than hitting the woods in grizzly bear fashion.

Apparently Canadians spend more time online than anyone else in the world with an average of 45 hours per month with the most popular international websites being Facebook, YouTube and Google whilst the local popular websites were centered on the news media. Canada also has the largest number of file sharers per capita in the world with copyright laws very unclear about the legality of some file trading.

Much of Canada's engineering/startup talent once fled to Silicon Valley, but now the story is changing as the startup environment has seen billions of dollars invested into its startup economy with e-commerce, gaming and software industries thriving. Where once it was hard to obtain finance, now venture firms are actually appearing on the Canadian scene, which has halted the brain drain. Also startup ventures are finding young and creative local talent via the engineering programs at the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto. The government has introduced tax incentives and subsidies for startups to launch and eased up on the immigration policy for engineers, allowing them to import some of the world's best to their home ground.

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