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While most angel investors are ogling Berlin’s startup scene and the high-tech environment in Amsterdam, there’s also an underrated startup scene developing on the other side Alps. Located in a broad valley between high mountains, Innsbruck is steadily gaining awareness for its startup environment. With several coworking spaces, coworking events, and larger startup events being held on a monthly basis, Innsbruck’s entrepreneurial community is active. For that reason, the city is a great place to develop your professional network.

You’ll meet some of the hardest working people you’ve ever seen in Innsbruck. Outsiders speculate this is because traditionally it’s been difficult to survive in Innsbruck and thus the people have developed immense mental toughness. Whether this is entirely accurate isn’t important. The fact is, you’ll make great connections and never feel lonely in Innsbruck. The city is also advantageous due to projects requiring fairly low development costs and being overseen by an Austrian government enthusiastic in supporting its startups with grants.

Apart from being the economic center of western Austria, Innsbruck is also its cultural leader. The city is famous worldwide for being an international center of winter sports. Innsbruck hosted the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics. The city continues to attract huge amounts of tourists, especially during the winter. If you’re into skiing, Innsbruck is an ideal place for you to cowork from. Hustle on your schedule, and enjoy slopes and skiing at one of the nearby resorts whenever there’s powdery snow.

Finally, Innsbruck is a university city with a student population around 30,000. This makes for lively nightlife, and great hiring opportunities. When you need to do business travel, the city’s international airport offers flights to Frankfurt, London, Kiev, and Amsterdam among other destinations. If you’d like to cowork in a charming city with picturesque views of the mountains and great skiing opportunities, Innsbruck is the city for you.