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About Niiza

Settled since prehistoric times, Niiza was originally home to immigrants from Silla on the Korean Peninsula in 758AD. Declared a city in 1970, Niiza is a city in the Saitama Prefecture of Japan with a population of about 162,652. Its' economy is largely based in light manufacturing and electronics with many transportation/warehousing companies making it their home. Due to its close proximity to Tokyo, about one third of its workforce jumps on a train commuting daily, whilst its intrepid and gung-ho youth are staying in the city and walking through the doors of coworking venues.

Niiza is flush with students and graduates as the city has 3 universities, the Atomi University, the Rikkyo University and the Jumonji University, as well as a plethora of other educational institutions plus some private schools. The youth of Japan are no longer shaking in their boots at the thought of the stigma of failure, so are taking up the challenge to create their own startups or to jump on board with likeminded souls who have established a startup already. There is no lure these days for them to become a little cog in a big corporate wheel, when they can be out doing their own thing.

Due to the language barrier Japanese startups tend to stick to their own domestic market, which is actually an advantage, as the Japanese market is the 3rd biggest market in the world. It is a relatively closed market and hard for foreigners to penetrate. Many of its tech savvy youth are getting into health care, agritech Internet of Things, enterprise software and artificial intelligence with coworking venues becoming buzzing hives of activity.