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VillaForum in Herten

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from GBP 300

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About Herten

A tiny village in the southeastern Netherlands, Herten is a perfect spot for nomads who seek peace and quiet (with wi-fi, of course). Situated on a series of winding waterways, the village offers picturesque views at the marina - or via a stroll through town, filled with quaint houses and several restaurants. Check out Lounge 44 or Oolderhof for some great local cuisine.

Aside from the coworking space of VillaForum, there are no other accommodations in Herten - so you may want to seek out a place to stay in the neighboring town of Roermond, which has far more amenities. Choose from apartment or room rentals, or take a more rustic approach at one of the several campsites around town.

When you're not plugged in, take advantage of all the (natural) green space this area has to offer. The scenic Meinweg National Park in Roermond is a great spot to explore. Or, rent a boat at Herten's marina and see some of the small towns nearby via North Limberg's winding canal system.

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