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Monaco offers stunning harbor views, and the opportunity to network with billionaires on yachts. We won't lie, however. Monaco isn’t for the budding entrepreneur that’s still wet behind the ears. Monaco is a place for those that have already made it, or at least are well on their way. The world’s most densely populated country has several coworking spaces and a vibrant startup scene. Getting permission from the local government to do business as a foreigner is a relatively easy process. Monaco is also one of the world’s top tax havens as it does not levy income tax on its residents

If you're a loaded high-roller, you’ll appreciate Monaco’s attractive investment climate. You’ll also appreciate the local startup scene as an entrepreneur or startup founder. Due to Monaco’s abundance of capital, raising seed money for your startup is much more achievable in Monaco than many other global cities. Of course, the abundance of millionaires and billionaires in Monaco makes it quite an expensive place. Monaco shows the rest of the world exactly what money can buy. Many beginning entrepreneurs are scared off by the high price tags. If you can afford the upscale scene, however, you’ll enjoy it.

There's also something to be said about surrounding yourself with entrepreneurs and investors that have already made it. Monaco may not be the best place to bootstrap, but its potential as a networking hub is tremendous. If you’re naturally charismatic, or are highly socially adept, you may be surprised with the opportunities you’re able to talk yourself into. Plug into the coworking scene in Monaco and you’ll enjoy excellent infrastructure, social and political stability, a strategic location, and excellent quality of life.