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About Richland

One of the Tri-Cities of Washington, Richland sits where the Yakima and the Columbia Rivers meet in the County of Benton. If by some chance you are in Richmond, then you must be there for some reason. Not exactly a tourist hotspot there are nevertheless some good parks, heritage trails, boutique wineries and a beer brewer to keep you occupied.

If you like to chase little white balls around a green, there is the Horn Rapids Golf Course with incredible views of Rattlesnake Mountain or any 1 of 10 others to choose from. If you are looking for outdoor activities that won't destroy you, it's easy to go boating, water skiing, fishing or kayaking on either river where numerous parks are located. Richland is part of the Sacagawea Heritage Trail that is a scenic route for biking along the Columbia River that winds itself through the Tri Cities of Kennewick, Richland and Pasco for those that like to pump the leg muscles. Lying within the Richland area is the Yakima River Delta where anyone with a pair of binoculars and a love of birdlife, can have their fill of twittering. You can check out the summit of Badger Mountain where you will be awed by breathtaking panoramic views over the cities and the rivers. For the angler chasing a bit of salmon, head to the Hanford Reach that is the last free-flowing stretch of the Columbia River to catch that big one.

Of course if you are there in the winter, you can go skiing in the mountains only 1-2 hours away.

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