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Perched on the southern coast of Cyprus, Limassol is known for its iconic centuries-old Limassol Castle where you will find the Cyprus Medieval Museum with its horde of pottery and tombstones. The 2nd largest urban sprawl in Cyprus and the capital of the district, Limassol has a population of around 183,658 souls meandering the city streets. Home to Cyprus' biggest waterpark, Fasouri Watermania and awash in stunning beaches, Limassol is the base for many of the island's wine companies. You can ski on its slopes, dive in the sublime waters of the Mediterranean, gawk at the Prokymea Sculpture Park on its seafront or check out the Limassol Archaeological Museum. Considered to be a "global city", it's no wonder coworking venues have opened up.

Becoming a cosmopolitan tourist destination with a flurry of construction, the Port of Limassol is one of the busiest ports in the whole of the Mediterranean. It's home to the Cyprus University of Technology, about 350 industrial units overflowing with furniture, shoes, food, electrical devices and the list goes on, plus it has the largest ship management service centre in Europe. Limassol may not be a tech hub per se, but Cyprus does have a startup ecosystem under the umbrella of "Startup Cyprus" that is dynamic, supportive and close-knit. It is fervently involved in policy advocacy for startup policies and is a founding member of the European Startup Network and a member of Allied for Startups. Cyprus' local startup scene is being supported by their government, which has recently implemented the "National Policy Statement on Entrepreneurship" to aid its developing ecosystem.

Limassol is where you can wallow in sunshine, whether its sipping espresso standing outside your coworking venue or coding on the beach after a refreshing morning swim.