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About Laramie

The first city in Wyoming to pass a law to prohibit smoking in enclosed workplaces, bars, restaurants and private clubs in 2004, Laramie is perched on the river of the same name just west of Cheyenne at the junction of Interstate 80 and U.S. Route 287 with a population of 30,816 residents. Home to the University of Wyoming, the Wyoming Technical Institute and a branch of Laramie County Community College, its streets are flooded with tech savvy youth who have a tendency to hang out in coworking venues when not in a classroom. This is a town that draws outdoor adrenalin junkies to its doors, as it sits in the Laramie Valley between the Snowy Range and the Laramie Range where you can get up to all sorts of mischief in the wilds.

The city was named after a French trapper who disappeared in the Laramie Mountains in the late 1810s, Jacques LaRamie. It has been touted as one of the best cities to retire to due to its scenic location, low taxes and educational opportunities. Founded in the mid 1860s, Laramie today has a growing tech sector involved in startup competitions, hackathons and tech summits. Wyoming has a strong economic diversification plan for its tech sector, as a part of its long-term strategy for growth and change, which include incentives for blockchain tech companies to move to the "Cowboy State". The region is in fact dominated by blockchain, artificial intelligence, fintech, digital healthcare technology and quantum computing areas. Another area being fostered under its 20-year strategic plan is private-sector innovation in niche markets such as robotics, virtual reality and autonomous vehicle technology. There are also plenty of resources available for the innovative minds to take advantage of such as the Wyoming Small Business Development Center where members help tech companies overcome challenges like accessing capital, intellectual property, target markets and how to develop pitches.

Wyoming's tech sector is still in the beginning phases, but its locals have everything at their fingertips to create the next big tech startup including coworking venues where the intrepid souls are hanging out in collaborative bliss.