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About Bloomington

Bloomington is one of the towns in the US that is getting creative and entrepreneurial with small town economics by fostering a small town startup ecosystem. Coworking spaces are springing up in the streets to cater to the locals' needs that have no wish to move to the big smoke to see their dreams become a reality.

A city in central Illinois that is the county seat of McLean, it sits adjacent to Normal, the more populous of the 2 municipalities of the Bloomington-Normal metropolitan area. An area that has been described as "risk adverse" with its 2 major insurance companies and the State Farm and Country Financial business headquartered in town, plus many small businesses in the main street, it is now taking a gamble to shift its business landscape to anchor the community's economy through entrepreneurship, tech startups and innovation with a growing pipeline from the Illinois State University. It has also launched an angel network, which hopes to keep startup wealth in the local vicinity. Coworking spaces have become the meeting ground where the locals can hang out, exchange ideas and get their work done without the necessity of leaving their hometown.

Bloomington is experiencing a time of unprecedented growth and a few difficulties in regard to turning small business mindsets into a startup culture, but it is happening. Coworking events are giving the locals a new lease on life, a ton of redirected energy and plenty of curious minds to mingle with. Serial entrepreneurs in the area have recently formed the Bloomington-Normal Angel Network (BNA), so this small town is definitely creating a stir.