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Valparaiso, Avenida Argentina 540

CLP 184,240 / pp / month

Valparaiso, 1349 Condell

CLP 90,000 / pp / month

Valparaiso, Eusebio Lillo

CLP 9,000 / pp / day

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About Valparaiso

The colorful street art city of Chile, Valparaiso has captured the heart of many artists and poets over time. A rambling city with steep funiculars, cliff top dwellings and oodles of French influences is a port city aproned by a stunning coastline. European immigrants have stained its architecture amidst this vibrant and wonderful messy metropolis. Sitting 90 minutes out of Santiago, this seaside village sweeps up from the ocean with buildings, stairs and steps ambling over every square centimeter.

With its cheap food and accommodation, it is a haven for location independent professional, retirees, and South American startups. The coworking scene is gradually changing, with more and more spaces popping up. A plethora of hostels, backpackers and low priced hotels give you plenty of options to put your head on a pillow at night. Make sure you check in to one that has a rooftop terrace for those times when you just want to swing in a hammock and watch the sun go down. You can stuff yourself silly on empanadas and pay less than the price of a Starbucks' coffee for the privilege.

A laid-back feel hangs in the air, as the locals slowly walk around the town where there are more cafe tables on the footpath than in the buildings themselves. You will have a rainbow of colors that is a feast for the eyes the moment you arrive in Valparaiso with art covering walls, buildings and even the stairs. The color explosion is often graffiti covering art or art covering graffiti.

The locals are friendly and tolerate listening to really bad Spanish, if that is all you can speak. The local canine population appear to be guardian angels due to their proclivity to attach themselves to strangers and walk you home, especially at night.

With its labyrinth of higgledy-piggledy narrow streets, it is the perfect town to explore and get lost in when your brain can't handle any more work. The residential mayhem explodes into a chaotic nightlife when the sun sinks in the horizon for those that want to play at night.

Almost a fishing village on stilts looking over a secluded sea bay, Valparaiso will have you lingering far longer than what you planned sipping espresso in a quaint cafe or bar with a view that goes on forever when you should be tapping away on your laptop.

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