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About Niamey

The capital and the largest city of the West African country of Niger (not to be confused with Nigeria), Niamey sits on east bank of the Niger River. Niger and Nigeria are 2 different countries sitting in Africa. Niger is a land locked country, whilst Nigeria is a coastal country. They are neighboring countries sharing a border and due to their similar names, many people are under the wrong impression that they are one and the same. Niger obtained its independence from France in 1960 and its land is one-third desert whilst other parts have periodic drought and desertification.

Niger is the cultural, administrative and economic heart with its economy based in manufacturing industries such as bricks, ceramic goods, cement, weaving and the agricultural product of pearl millet. Founded in the 18th Century it wasn't until 1970 to 1988 that the economy boomed driven by revenue from the uranium mines at Arlit. With an estimated population at over 1.5 million, many of which are in their youth, Niamey has a wealth of tech savvy and hungry young souls intent on changing their lives for the better who tend to hang out in coworking venues for inspiration, support and for sharing ideas.

Niamey may not be on a tech hub per se as with say Lagos in Nigeria, but it does have an entrepreneurial spirit and creative ideas happening, despite it being in the early stages. With its as yet untapped market, creative youths and the right inspiration and support, Niamey's coworking venues are becoming hot beds of innovation.