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Historically, Fort Worth was 1 of 8 forts built and settled in 1849 on the Trinity River to protect the settlers from Indian attacks.  It was a stop along the legendary Chisholm Trail to drive cattle from Texas to Kansas in the 19th Century and this is where it gained its nickname from of "Cowtown".  Legend has it that Frank and Jesse James loved the chili parlor in the town so much that they vowed they would never shoot or loot in the town.  The Bonnie and Clyde romantic outlaw duo actually used the Stockyard Hotel in Fort Worth as one of their hideouts. Whilst the Arlington Baptist College was once an infamous gambling hall named "Top O'Hill Terrace" that had escape tunnels for fleeing through when the place was raided.

Despite being known as the gateway to the historical American West, Fort Worth today is more noted for the fact that former President John F Kennedy's last public speech was made in town before he left for Dallas and he was assassinated. There are over 1,000 natural gas wells in the area and 60% of America's paper money is printed in town at the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  It is a leading cattle-ranching area, 32 miles west of Dallas.  An entertainment mecca where there are weekly rodeos, superb theaters, art galleries and event venues. 

The annual Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show is the oldest continually running livestock show and rodeo in the whole of the United States.  The Fort Worth Botanic Garden is the oldest botanical garden in Texas and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is the oldest museum in Texas and one of the oldest in America.  There are actually 5 amazing internationally recognized museums to walk through in town, so you can take your pick of what you want to see.  This is home to the 2nd largest NASCAR racetrack and the oldest zoo in Texas, the Fort Worth Zoo that was founded in 1909, home to over 5,000 animals.

You definitely won't run out of things to do in Fort Worth from live music to indulging in cowboy and Indian fantasies or just grabbing a meal in a great restaurant.

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