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About Baden

The city to take a hot bath is unofficially sometimes referred to as Baden bei Zurich (aka Baden near Zurich). It is a city in the district of the same name sitting in the canton of Aargau, about 25km northwest of Zurich in the Limmat Valley. Known for its hot springs since at least the Roman era, Baden has a population of around the 18,000 mark. A small town that is both an industrial and urban city within a quaint country area with outskirts cloaked in agricultural pursuits, there are orchards and vineyards with never-ending fields and grasslands plus rivers and lakes with lush wood forested areas. Its' old city is snuggled into the hills and the hot sulfur springs that gave the town its name, sit in the north of the downtown area. You will have to brush up on your German linguistic skills if you want to be understood by the locals if you need directions to a coworking space to get some work done.

The best town to be in if you suffer from gout or rheumatism, Baden was frequented by such famous souls as Goethe, Nietzsche, Thomas Mann and Hermann Hesse who visited the town annually over almost thirty years to ease their sufferings. Three more Roman bathing pools have been discovered in modern times. These thermal springs have the highest mineral concentration bubbling away at a temperature of 47 °C from 18 sulphurous springs. A lively small town with its old section totally pedestrian only, you will find numerous museums, theaters and old buildings to gawk at to keep a smile on your face.

The former industrial sites of the town are being reinvigorated into dynamic urban areas with several incorporating coworking spaces to cater to the tech savvy youth of the city.