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About Ternopil

A city in the western region of the Ukraine, Ternopil reclines on the banks of the River Seret. It's one of the major cities with the historical areas of Galicia and Podolia within its midst. Awash in universities, the town has a youthful vibe and a population of around the 217,800 mark, so you may get lost meandering its streets where coworking venues have popped up.

Ternopil is the administrative hub of the Ternopil Oblast region and the surrounding Ternopil Raion District. There are plenty of churches for those necessary prayers to above and its Tarnopil Castle that was built in 1544 and subsequently destroyed in ensuing wars was rebuilt as a palace during the 19th Century. The town and its people have suffered greatly over time and have been under various "thumbs" from one point in history to the next ending in the Holocaust to which a monument has been built in remembrance.

Ternopil may not be a startup hub per se, but the Ukraine apparently is the best-kept secret for many California-based startups that expand their engineering teams abroad due to the low wages, the vibrant social scene and over 150,000 developers for hire. The country's annual economic output from IT outsourcing grew five times from 2011 to 2015, making IT the 3rd largest export in the Ukraine behind mining and agriculture. The Ukraine does have hurdles for its own startup community to get over, such, as many do not speak business-level English. This is a country where post-Soviet capitalism is less than 30 years old and many coworking venues are flooded with tech savvy youth tied up with working for outsourcing companies, rather than for themselves.