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Dung Phương

The name "Hanoi" translates to the welcoming phrase of "city inside rivers", whilst its historical name of "Thang Long", is more in the rebellious vein of "ascending dragon".

It is where the locals are taxed on the width of their houses; hence they are all squeezed together in a tight patchwork of random colors smothered in spaghetti hanging electricity wires. It is the top destination for honeymooning Vietnamese with Hoan Kiem Lake, the greenest lake you will ever lay eyes on.

Steeped in a rich culture and laden with historical architecture, Hanoi is the melting pot of French, Chinese and Southeast Asian influences. Right in the heart of this fascinating city is the Old Quarter, a chaotic space of tight streets designated by trades of the people working there. Quaint little temples pop up when you least expect them to and the Dong Xuan market will have your eyes bulging. Sampling the street food here is a heavenly experience for any serious food junkie.

You will find Ho Chi Minh's body at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and be able to watch water puppetry that dates back to the 11th Century. There are plenty of cute cafes to down a Vietnamese coffee or two, brilliant jazz clubs to while away a few nights of decadence and a thriving arts scene to draw inspiration from.

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The hustle and bustle of Vietnam's political and cultural capital does little to detract from its unmistakable charm. With its many lakes, tree-lined boulevards, and well-preserved French colonial architecture, Hanoi balances the turbulence of Vietnamese life with scenes of natural tranquility.

Considered more traditional than the metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi retains an "Old Indochina" allure expatriates are known to fall in love with. Central Hanoi is incredibly dense, full of winding alleys and some real hidden gem cafes to work in. However, most of the expat crew - digital nomads included - live about 15 minutes north in the Tay Ho (West Lake) area, where most coworking spaces have begun to pop up.

Another serious perk of living in Hanoi is the proximity to the stunning natural beauty of North Vietnam. A 4-hour bus ride will get you to the ethereal limestone peaks of Halong Bay; a couple more hours in the other direction and you can gaze upon the sunbathed terraced rice fields with the hill tribe people of Sapa.

With its historic charm and array of secret spots to scope out, Hanoi has a high appeal for nomads seeking coworking options as well as solo work spaces, a low cost of living environment, and some spectacular getaway opportunities.

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