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A city in Westchester County of New York, White Plains is the commercial hub and an affluent urban county with about 57,886 people living within its midst. Roughly 40km north of Midtown Manhattan, this is a shopping mecca for those who like to thrash their credit cards or stay in top-end hotels. It is also a bedroom community for many commuters to New York, as it only takes 31 minutes by express train. For those who don't want to commute there are now coworking spaces opening their doors, so they don't need to hustle to grab their ride every morning.

The city attracts regional and national businesses, as well as international headquarters for companies such as ITT Corporation, Nokia, AT & T plus others. With New York's tech scene going from burgeoning to booming in niche markets such as healthcare, real estate, fashion and media, a plethora of coworking spaces and incubators have sprung up. Startups are finding multi-billion dollar exits and there is plenty of potential for entrepreneurs ready to brave the scene.

Coworking in smaller cities such as White Plains give the innovative entrepreneur the option of not jumping on the train, but to stay closer to home and still be able to mingle in collaborative mode with likeminded souls.