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18 EUR /d
Weserland, Berlin



Located in wonderful Neukölln, Weserland is a creative, active and collaborative shared space. For those seeking a uniqu... More

17 EUR /d
Betahaus Hamburg, Hamburg

Betahaus Hamburg


betahaus Hamburg is a community-driven coworking space and startup hub with more than 9 years experience in accelerating ... More

85 EUR /m
tuesday coworking, Berlin

tuesday coworking


tuesday coworking is now two cosy, quiet, relaxed and independently owned & operated coworking spaces in Schöneberg, Ber... More

99 EUR /m
betahaus | Kreuzberg, Berlin

betahaus | Kreuzberg


betahaus | Kreuzberg is our HQ, and in some ways, the heart and soul of betahaus. Become part of a community of 500+ entr... More

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The location is great but the staff is very unfriendly. I will never go this ugly place again.
Karim Khaled
Very unpleasant and expensive. I would rather pay a few more euros and go to a better place.
Karim Khaled
Visited the co-working cafe downstairs initially which offers a 10 euro day pass. I was told that I could... Show More
Justin Lee
This space is different - the community and people are very open and welcoming. Nearly all Coworkers are ... Show More
Christopher Schmidhofer

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In Germany, more entrepreneurs, freelancers, and even large-scale corporate teams are leaving behind the traditional office model for more innovative and affordable cowork spaces. Having the ability to access any number of Germany’s coworking spaces in cities such as Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg gives remote professionals the chance to expand their professional network. Plus, becoming part of a coworking community allows entrepreneurs to take part in professional development events like skill-sharing sessions, panels, and lectures that can help them on their path to business success.

History of Coworking in Germany

In recent years, a growing number of cowork space operators, such as New York’s WeWork and Israel’s Mindspace, have established trendy coworking communities in German cities. From Frankfurt to Dusseldorf, coworking spaces in Germany experienced a 41 per cent boost in supply last year alone. The cowork market is, year over year, witnessing significant growth as more remote professionals embrace coworking spaces as integral to their preferred workday routine. Moreover, coworking communities have become a top target for large office space contracts with corporate consumers in Germany.

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Sitting in Western Europe and dressed up with vast forests, mountain ranges and rivers, Germany was left with little business culture when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. Today it is an inexpensive base for small businesses hoping to connect with both the East and the West of Europe. Germany has become a mecca for fashion, arts and music. Its capital Berlin is a dynamic city overflowing with a hectic nightlife scene known for its cavernous beer halls, skyscrapers and the iconic Oktoberfest in Munich.

Berlin is fast becoming a tech capital in its own right in the race for innovation and wants to be the tech hub for Europe. The things in its favor include the fact that it has young but fast-maturing ecosystems with entrepreneurship center stage, an international cosmopolitan edge on which to perform with a large expatriate community attracted by its lower cost of living than the rest of Europe. The city's charm, as well as a large pool of diverse talent is another bonus. The major draw card is the fact that Berlin's artistic bent is a magnet for creative people and the government is beginning to push new initiatives for startups.

The downside to startups here is the fact that there is fierce competition for the available talent and that a few of Germany's startups have resulted in relatively small acquisitions. There may be just a few too many "wantrepeneurs" giving the illusion that they are better at cloning successful businesses, rather than creating their own. The amount of red tape that one has to go through to put a startup in motion is huge and it is perceived that the cities of Germany are more out for themselves rather than collaborating as a country.

One other thought on the startup economy in Germany is that the biggest hindrance is the fact that there is just so much fun to be had, the mind simply goes on holidays.

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