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About Trujillo

Awash in beautiful colonial streets, Trujillo sits in the northwest of Peru on the banks of the Moche River where the river's mouth meets the Pacific Ocean. It's the capital of the La Libertad Region and was once the site of the prehistoric Moche and Chimu cultures prior to the Inca conquest. The huge pre-Columbian city in the Americas, "Chan Chan" is located nearby with plenty of other historical sites baking in the surrounding desert if you wish to explore. The city's heart is where you will find the grand Trujillo Cathedral and the blue Casa Urquiaga. There are palaces complete with marble statues and twenty minutes up the road from Trujillo is the beach lovers' paradise of Huanchaco, a laid-back surfing enclave. The area that has something for everyone now has coworking venues, so that you can live the life you wish and work the way you want to.

Trujillo has cultural traditions going back at least 12,000 years. Today it is a vibrant city with universities and beautiful old streets and buildings to adore. It's where you can pig out on dishes that have been served up for eons such as "cebiche" (think fish), "shambar" (soup of smoked ham and beans) or "theologian soup" (turkey or chicken broth with bread, potatoes, milk and cheese) to name a few. Peru is a country with one foot in the past and one in the future, from its bustling metropolis of Lima to its countryside areas steeped in traditions. It actually has one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America, but Peru is struggling to modernize with only 0.08% of its GDP going into technology and innovation. Despite this, the country does have a spirited startup and entrepreneurial community happening and the government is supporting this change by providing funding to local startups.

Peru is still very much in its embryo stage of tech innovation, but things are changing. Coworking is one more stepping stone in the right direction for its budding entrepreneurs where they can gather en masse exchanging ideas and skills.