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The world's perfect stage for adventure sports, Pucon sits in central Chile's Lake District on Lake Villarrica. The snow capped Villarrica volcano dominates this city that is a playground for anyone into hiking, water sports, white-water rafting and kayaking, as well as skiing and snowboarding. Its topography ranges from lakeside beaches to rainforests with natural hot springs in valleys. Luring adrenaline junkies with laptops in backpacks for short or long breaks, coworking venues have an international flavor and not just the domain of innovative locals.

Cheekily referred to as "Chilecon Valley", Chile's entrepreneurial ecosystem is the one that every country is modeling their own on. It's a country that has made serious investments in technology with a government creating amazing opportunities for technology startups to launch and grow at home. For creative souls, Chile will allow entrepreneurs, investors and tech whisperers to get a long stay visa in only 15 days. Start-Up Chile has had under their umbrella over 1,400 startups and invested over $40 million into projects. The country has a leading global accelerator program and is ranked first in Latin America for innovation. It is home to one of the top 5 fintech ecosystems, is ranked 5th in the world for tertiary enrolment and promotes tech startups led by female founders.

Pucon, as with the rest of Chile, has a relatively cheap cost of living, which puts it in one of the top hot spots for wandering nomads to stay a bit longer than planned. With the advent of numerous coworking venues, Pucon with its playtime amenities
and friendly locals, is definitely a place to hang up your coat (or your skis) for awhile.