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More of a "settlement" than a "city", Thingeyri sits in the municipality of Isafjarõarbær on the coast of the fjord Dýrafiörõur in the mountainous peninsula of Westfjords with a population of about 260 souls. You definitely won't get lost here and will probably be on first name terms with the locals within 24 hours. Thingeyri has had people roaming around it since 1787, as this is where the very first trading post was established. During the years 1884-1898 the settlement was a base for American halibut fishing. You can get to the nearby Sandafell Mountain by hiking or driving to check out the amazing view or meander into Thingeyri's church to say a little prayer for your startup before heading to a coworking venue to get creative.

The country where you can crack the ice and throw in a fishing line or ice skate until your heart is content, Iceland's tech savvy souls are not preoccupied with the small size of their home country and are tackling the tech scene with gusto. Its tech hungry and entrepreneurial residents are creating ecosystems throughout the country that has a wealth of computer science graduates and a robust education system. The country has a reputation for high tech with VR and gaming companies, whilst its universities are being swamped with enrolments in software engineering, gaming and other technology courses.

Icelandic startup communities are being supported by "Startup Iceland" in an attempt to re-invent, invest and focus on entrepreneurship within this icy country. Awash in a new generation of risk-hungry youth who are intent on success, Iceland does not have a problem attracting talent with its dramatic landscape and work-life balance that is one of the best in the world. Now that coworking spaces are opening up, Iceland's innovative locals have somewhere to hang out in the warm without resorting to chatting around an icicle before they head off to munch on a bit of fermented shark, if they are game enough.

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