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Sitting in the southern area of Finland, Tampere is the most populous inland city in the Nordic countries. Tampere supports and offers services to new businesses and startup activities by accelerating their business possibilities in the area of which coworking venues are playing an important part. The city is also investing and growing a new generation of young startup entrepreneurs in its universities to bring about change to the city.

With a population in the urban area of around 330,000 individuals, Tampere is the 2nd largest urban area and the 3rd most populous municipality in Finland. A major economic and cultural hub for central Finland, it is squashed between 2 lakes that are linked by rapids which are used to generate electricity. Dubbed the "Manchester of Finland" for its industrial past, Tampere's name is now being bandied around as the next innovation capital of Finland. Once a major city for Nokia and Microsoft, Tampere became a city over run with ICT professionals with a wealth of knowledge but no work. It was at this time that a light bulb moment happened when local tech gurus realized it was the perfect opportunity to work for themselves.

The city has an active startup ecosystem with plenty of organized events and meetups, quite often held in a diverse array of coworking venues offering entrepreneurial-minded people the possibility to collaborate. There is even an open community "Tribe Tampere" where dedicated souls, mentors and investors get to support the local ecosystem.