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About Nishinomiya

This city oozes traditional culture with its' many shrines and was the setting for the novel "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" that is an anime series of the manga variety. Cloaked in luxury urban areas especially near Ashiya and shopping malls for the thrashing of credit cards, Nichinomiya sits between the major towns of Kobe and Osaka. Students run around its' streets, as it is home to a plethora of universities, colleges and other learning institutions. Known for its Koshien Stadium where baseball teams play off, it's the commercial and shipping city in the Kansai region with a population of about 483,598 people. Nishinomiya is practically divided into 2 areas: the mountainous north and the coastal plain in the south with Mount Kabuto sitting in its heart. Today you can throw into this buzzing metropolis mix coworking venues catering to its tech savvy youth who have had their brains filled with media hype of creating startups.

Japan has a growing startup scene where many have the privilege of being able to stay private for a long time due to sizable rounds of funding generating growth. The sad alternative is if you have to go public too early to appease shareholders and coming unstuck. Due to the language barrier, startups tend to stay within their own domestic market, which is in fact the 3rd biggest market in the world. Foreign competitors have trouble attempting to infiltrate it, as it is relatively closed off to outsiders giving the locals the home-turf advantage.

For many who have big ideas, it appears that health care, agritech, Internet of Things, enterprise software and artificial intelligence are the popular niche markets for Japan's inventive youth and hanging out in coworking venues is the place where they are getting their stuff done before indulging in a bowl of noodles and a sip of sake.