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150 MDL /d
404 Moldova, Chisinau

404 Moldova


404 Moldova is a coworking space for IT businesses and IT people from Moldova. We want to empower local community of smal... More

150 MDL /d
Armenească 13A, Chisinau

Armenească 13A


Armenească 13A is a coworking space located in the city center of Chisinau. Our residents are proactive people and organ... More

80 EUR /m
Generator Hub, Chisinau

Generator Hub


Generator Hub offers inspirational programs and technical training for professional independents aside from a coworking s... More

DreamUps, Chisinau



DreamUps Innovation Campus is a community of young ideas and encouraging innovation and support startups from Moldova to ... More

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Great location! Easily accessible and surrounded by shops, places to eat, a park for walks, and public tr... Show More
Stefan Stefan
The space is in the city centre, good places near to eat, all the facilities included, lovely team. A lo... Show More
Olea Graur
Warm welcome, but respectful to Personal space. Feels Like home yet very professional. All You can need: ... Show More
Olga Vladimir
A13 is a nice and cosy coworking space.
Ecaterina Melnic

A former Soviet republic, landlocked Moldova is bordered by Romania and the Ukraine, sitting in Eastern Europe. Its capital is the city of Chi?in?u that is cloaked in grey Soviet-style architecture. The forest clad and rocky hills of Moldova, share its culture and linguistic roots with nearby Romania. The country is dressed in vineyards with the wine region of Nistreana famous for its reds and it has some of the world's largest wine cellars. Its economy is dominated by the service sector since the decline in industrial and agricultural output happened after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. It is the poorest country in Europe. Moldova is a parliamentary republic with a poor human rights record.

Moldova has a population of 3,510,485 with a 55.4% Internet penetration rate and 19.4% of those souls jumping onto Facebook. It actually has one of the best-wired Internet connections in the world and one of the cheapest with many local providers. It has 2 departments overlooking the ICT sector and already possesses a centralized database of information on its citizens. Moldova is fraught with ongoing political unrest, LGBT discrimination, human trafficking, child abuse, hate crimes, allegations of torture of detainees by police, a flagging economy and government/business corruption.

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