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As an entrepreneur and ex-freelancer, I've been to a lot of co-working spaces in Alexandria and in Cairo.... Show More
Mohamad Hussein
Sor3t el Wi-Fi sare3a t3amol so7ab elmkan more7 w bys3do 2y 7d by7taag 7ga menhoom w mmkn yshr7olo lw m4 ... Show More
Hager Aly
very Excellent place to work, study, set a training. ultra high standard and decorative environment. dayl... Show More
Ashraf Darwish
The productive environment, supportive team
Mystery Coworker

Think of spunky Colin Farrell playing Alexander the Great, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, a hot desert climate and you have Alexandria founded in 331 BC.  One of the most famous ancient cities in the world, it conjures up images of Cleopatra and Mark Antony, Pharos and a legendary lighthouse.  By the time Napoleon hit its shores, he found the remnants of what was once the learning center and commercial heart of the ancient world, reduced to a poorly populated fishing village. 

Take a deep breath of the ancient air that permeates Alexandria where Greco-Roman monuments and old-world cafes sit side-by-side European-style parks.  There is no lack of historical ruins in this Mediterranean port city, where you can delve into catacombs, meander through the Alexandria National Museum, gawk at the massive granite Pompey's Pillar, marvel at the Roman Amphitheater and conjure up in your own mind images of chariot races and gladiator fights. The stunning Montazah Palace and Gardens should not be missed, or the richly decorated Abu El Abbas Mosque.  There are tombs, river cruises or take out a personal loan and spend the day or a night or two at the decadent Four Seasons Hotel.

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