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About Fukuyama

The city of traditional wooden soled footwear, about 60% of all "geta" sold in Japan is made in Fukuyama the city that sits on the Ashida River in the Hiroshima Prefecture of Japan. The 2nd largest city in the prefecture after Hiroshima City, it is a commercial, industrial and communications center hub producing machinery, koto (Japanese harps), rubber products, textiles, electronics and processed foods.

This is not really a tourist hot spot in a country where "Pikachu" (or other manga/anime) characters are used in commercial advertising, where melon flavor seems to be the taste treat for the locals (think melon bread, melon soda, melon snacks) and the trains don't run after midnight. It is also the land of dance clubs where you can't dance due to the high cost of obtaining "Dance Permits" and Christmas is the ultimate "lovers holiday" celebrated in a similar fashion to Valentine's Day.

There are a few spots to run around such as the Fukuyama Castle and for the museum buff there are the Human Rights and Peace Museum, the Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of History plus the Kannabe Town Historical Folklore Museum. If you are into temple gazing, you could head to the Myooin Temple or the Bingo Kokubunji Temple for some pious moments. You can chat to the animals at the Fukuyama Municipal Zoo if no one else wants to talk to you, or go to the ancient port town on Seto Inland Sea "Tomonoura". Here you will have amazing views of the outlying islands plus the chance to savor the famous "Homeishu" sweet liqueur that has been made in the region for the last thousand years at 1 of the 4 distilleries offering free samples. This is the perfect place for a long and lazy lunch at one of the harbor-side cafes near the lighthouse.

If you feel the need for a soothing foot bath, head to the beach of Sensui Jima and sit back and take it all in.