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The capital city of Libya, Tripoli has a population of about 1.1 million people. It sits in the northwest at the edge of the desert on a rocky outcrop that juts into the Mediterranean forming a stunning bay. Tripoli is the largest commercial and manufacturing center in Libya with a bustling port and a university. Founded in the 7th Century BC by the Phoenicians, the city has many archaeological sites to explore. Coworking venues are starting to appear on the cityscape as the city turns itself into a "Smart City" with the ambitious plans to install 1500 CTVs in 400 locations all connected to a main control room. It is believed that this move will help especially in fields like anti-crime, security and easing traffic on roads.

Quite often referred to as "The Mermaid of the Mediterranean", Tripoli has turquoise waters lapping its shores that are smothered in whitewashed buildings. One of the main hubs of Libya's economy, it is the leading center for banking, finance and communication, plus one of the main sites for commerce and manufacturing. Tripoli's old town, the Medina, is in its heart and is still unspoiled by mass-tourism. Coworking is a new arrival on this ancient scene of classical statues and fountains from the Ottoman era.

For the local business minds, startups and entrepreneurs, coworking is the next logical step to propel Tripoli into the tech future that it is embracing. It is where the locals are connecting to other innovative minds, creating and thriving in a community where everyone helps each other.