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About Kikinda

Founded in the 18th Century, Kikinda sits in the North Banat District and has a population of about 38,065 inhabitants within the city urban area. It was in 1996 that the well-preserved remains of a half-million year old mammoth was excavated on the outskirts of the city. Today this mammoth has become a symbol of the town and is called "Kika". You can actually get a peek at it in the National Museum of Kikinda, which is rather awesome if you are into that kind of thing. The whole city in fact sits on land that is rich in remains of old cultures that have disappeared. Coworking venues have now opened their doors in this city that is definitely no startup hub, but where creative locals choose to stay on their own home turf.

Serbia's main enclave for intrepid and innovative entrepreneurs appears to be based in Belgrade where there is a wide variety of local tech startup and IT events held every month. There are a growing number of tech startup accelerators, incubators and communities happening in the city with loads of support groups offering help for financing and market entry. There are various channels for funding available and Belgrade is an important transportation corridor for southeast Europe, making it the perfect city for entrepreneurial ventures.

With Serbia's low cost of living when compared to the world average and one of the lowest standard rates of corporate tax in the whole of Europe, it is little wonder that the inventive locals of Kikinda are joining in the Serbian race to have a dynamic and vibrant tech hub.