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Established where 2 Native American trails meet, Decatur was named after the United States Commodore, Stephen Decatur. The city sits in Georgia about 5 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta in the DeKalb County, which is a part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. There are 20,148 residents roaming its streets, poking their noses into the DeKalb History Center's museum or hustling their way to a coworking venue to get creative. A small trendy mixed-use district with easy access to transport if you want to get to downtown Atlanta, Decatur is a progressive city that has managed to retain a small town charming character with a thriving festival and art scene happening.

Known as a foodie haunt and named as one of the South's "Tastiest Towns" in 2012, Decatur has been referred to as "Atlanta's gastronomic equivalent of Brooklyn" by the New York Times. It has an amazing beer scene hosting a craft beer festival that is in the top 10 held in the United States so you won't go thirsty if hops are your preferred alcoholic beverage. From arts to music and wine festivals, Decatur will fill your munching and drinking moments, as well as give you loads of interesting sights to poke around.

Atlanta's thriving tech hub and its innovative community involved in areas such as health IT to fintech and cybersecurity is attracting plenty of new talent, venture capital dollars and international attention. Coworking venues are one more step in the ecosystem that is giving its creative souls the space to hang out and mingle.