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About Scotts Valley

This is where the brilliant Alfred Hitchcock lived in a mountain estate from 1940 to 1972.  Obviously conjuring up in his mind numerous scenarios for his somewhat scary movies.  A small city in the Santa Cruz County, Scotts Valley is about 48 km from San Jose in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  A mere 30 minutes drive will get you to San Jose's Silicon Valley and it is only 6 miles from the beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz.  From a historical point of view and that is eons ago - 10,000 years - the Paleo Indians lived here, as there was a lake in the valley.  This lake eventually disappeared and became a peat bog.  Around 2,000 BC the Ohlone people inhabited the sparse springs, creeks and seepage areas where they built villages and lived life hunting with a bit of grass gathering.  From being on the stage route across the mountains to today continuing this tradition as a hospitable town to spend a few days in, tourism is now one of its main economic bases.

Near the Big Basin Redwoods State Park, the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park and the Roaring Camp Railroads, one would get the distinct impression that this town is hugged on all sides by redwood forests, which it is. This is the playground for outdoor enthusiasts to get into trekking, bush bashing on bicycles, jogging trails or simply taking time out to gawk at the majestic towering redwood trees.

The Scotts Valley Art and Wine Festival should not be missed as you can sample the local wine vintages whilst cruising around the artworks of local artists.  The Scotts Valley Farmers' Market happens from April to October where you can load up on local goodies or just meander around rubbing shoulders with the locals.  Don't miss out on going to Scott House for a history lesson on the early settlers.

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