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An affluent city in the central coast of Israel, Herzliya is known for its thriving startup and entrepreneurial culture. Named after the founder of modern Zionism, Theodor Herzl, it's home to numerous company headquarters, embassies and prominent Israeli business people. You will find some of the most expensive homes and incredible beaches in the neighborhood of Herzliya Pituah that is a much sought-after venue for high-tech companies with its wealth of restaurants and entertainment spots. Herzilya's 93,989 residents are amongst the wealthiest in Israel and under current town plans the city's population is expected to triple to around 290,000 by 2030 with over 52,000 new homes and new industrial developments to be constructed. You can check out a museum in one of the original city founder's homes, meander around the Apollonia National Park where there are the remains of a Crusader town including a fortress with a moat, or check out a coworking venue where you can mingle with the locals.

The tech scene of the whole country is growing fast to the point where it's being labeled the "Startup Nation" because of the huge number of entrepreneurs and tech companies in a country that has 9 million people. Israel has already produced a large number of successful tech companies, such as the social navigation app "Waze" that sold to Google in 2013 for US$1.15 billion.

Herzliya with its big population is just one more city in Israel that is producing tech savvy souls who hang out in collaborative bliss at coworking venues where they can get support and a likeminded community to play with.