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Once upon a time the domain of grazing cattle, pine forests and swampland, Palm Beach Gardens was developed by wealthy magnate John MacArthur in 1959 as a residential garden enclave with several gated communities for 55,000 people complete with education facilities for the families. The centerpiece of the town in MacArthur Boulevard is 2 banyan trees that took a lot of manpower and money to move into place. The city is home to the Professional Golfers' Association of America Headquarters (there are 12 golf courses within the city limits) and the huge shopping mecca of The Gardens Mall for the locals to wander around.

This is your typical mum, dad and 2.5 kids playground where the beach is handy for building sandcastles, there are a few amusement parks for the gremlins, kayaking or canoeing is quite often an exercise regime, there are spas to slap rejuvenating potions on worn out mums' faces, whilst the hubbies play golf. All the necessary cafes and restaurants to give the inhabitants a good night out are in situ.

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