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The smallest capital in the nation, Montpelier sits in Vermont in the county of Washington. With a population of about 7,800 residents, during the daytime it swells to about 21,000 due to the large number of jobs within the city boundaries. Named after the city of Montpellier in France, it has a habit of displaying quirky signs reducing places to the most essential nouns. A mix of farmers, back-to-the-landers, artists, politicians and those that have fled the big smoke, Montpelier is awash in creativity and quirkiness with loads of charm. Coworking venues have begun to appear on the city streets to give the locals the space to channel their inventive and imaginative ideas.

With a small-town intimacy, Montpelier has a tight knit creative community made up of remote workers, freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs who have no wish to be a part of a big city, but who do desire the convenience of what coworking offers. It is a city for joggers, summer concerts and dogs with an affordable cost of living to keep a smile on everyone's faces. It is where you can have a giggle at the annual naked bicycle ride or head to the slopes in the winter months for a bit of skiing.

Vermont is the only state that is not required to balance a budget, it prohibited slavery before the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution abolished it nationally and there is no death penalty giving it the non-conformist attitude where entrepreneurs can thrive.