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Multan, Bosan Road

PKR 500 / pp / day

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About Multan

Known as the “City of Saints,” Multan is Pakistan’s seventh most populous city and is the central city of southern Punjab. With a unique history dating 5,000 years back to the old Indus Valley civilization, Multan has remained a cultural and economic center under a variety of rulers through the decades. Sitting on the banks of the Chenab River, Multan was once the sister city of Rome. Rig Veda was written in Multan; Alexander the Great once captured the city; and the famous Chinese traveler Hieun Tsang once visited here. Clearly, the city’s history is diverse and dynamic, stretching deep into antiquity. With such a rich past, it only makes sense for today’s entrepreneurs to seek Multan as ripe with opportunity, making it a great destination for coworking in Pakistan.

Today, Multan is most famous for its shrines of the Sufi saints, who came to the city during the medieval era. The city boasts many unique architectural sites, as well as Sufi music, parks, old buildings, and cultural traditions to bear witness to while you embrace the coworking spaces in Multan. After finding the perfect shared office for your growing business in Multan, you can spend time feasting upon the delicious local cuisine and experiencing the many archaeological wonders. Plus, you can enjoy the old bazaars and markets, which sell some of the most beautiful embroidery in the world.

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