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About Victor

The largest city in the county of Teton, Victor has a population of around the 1,982 mark, so you will definitely have plenty of opportunities to mingle with the locals in a cafe or coworking venue. This is a bedroom community for the resort area of Jackson Hole and home to some intrepid souls who are merely doing their own thing in their own time. Named after a super brave and dedicated mail carrier from the 1880 period that defied the threat of Indian attacks when delivering his precious mail. His arduous task was one of skiing, riding a horse or walking over the Teton Pass with the mail on his back for several days. A small enclave of friendly folk, this is where the outdoor enthusiast can have thrills and spills in the outdoors before, after or when taking a break from getting stuff done on a startup in a coworking venue.

Victor is no big smoke, startup enclave or tech hub, but it does sit in Idaho that has the densest concentration of startups hanging out in the towns of Coeur d'Alene, followed by Idaho Falls and Boise. Idaho is supporting and creating a dynamic community of tech savvy souls with incubators and events where locals can gather en masse to share and collaborate. Many startups appear to be focusing on artificial intelligence and robotics. Coeur d'Alene is the first city in the world to allow the public free use of robots on any piece of public property giving the robots the same rights as humans. This is where Starship Technologies (an Estonian based robot delivery company founded by 2 co-founders of Skype) tested its products and today the city hosts an annual robotics festival that the big tech giants flock to, as well as the struggling entrepreneur.

Coworking in the small town of Victor is the perfect place where creativity juices can flow on your own timetable and you can create your own lifestyle but still be a part of a bigger picture when you want to be.