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About Caxias do Sul

Awash in numerous colleges and universities sprouting intrepid and innovative individuals onto its streets, Caxias do Sul is home to numerous small, medium, large and multinational companies with the city being recognized as an entrepreneurial-exporting hub. It has one of the highest per capita incomes in Brazil and is the land where Portuguese is the official national language. Nestled into the hilly Serra Gaúcha area in the south of Brazil, it has a history of winemaking and Italian culture, as it was Italian immigrants who settled the town in the 1890. The city's Church of São Pelegrino even has a replica of Michelangelo's "Pietà". Today it's the 2nd largest city in the region of Rio Grande do Sul with coworking venues dotting its streets for its tech savvy souls.

There are plenty of sights to gawk at from museums to churches for the tourist hordes and a National Grape and Wine Festival that brings out the closet wine lovers for a bit of indulgence in their favorite grapes. The Chateau Lacave Castle will keep a smile on the historian's face who likes a drop or two or wine, as it's currently being used as a winery. The city is also 1 of 4 villages along the stunning Caminhos da Colonia scenic tourist route in the Serra Gaucha.

Brazil is Latin America's largest entrepreneurial ecosystem with startups focusing on new frontiers, other than their own home ground. The creative locals are competing on a global scale and expanding their companies quickly by exporting their business models to other regional markets around the world, despite their own home country having a growing middle class with a healthy appetite for social and media consumption. Caxias do Sul is a city for tech hustlers and whisperers, hence the appearance of coworking venues for these free-spirited souls to gather in.