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A city in central Jutland, Viborg is one of the oldest cities in Denmark. This is land that Vikings roamed over in a pillaging frenzy during the late 8th Century and during the Middle Ages it was a city of great strategic importance. Denmark arrived a bit late on the startup scene but its entrepreneurial spirit is soaring, despite its high taxes and wages. There is a blossoming ecosystem happening, which is evidenced by the number of innovative souls hanging out in coworking venues that have recently opened up.

Viborg itself may not be regarded as a tech hub or a hot spot, but the country has seen a 360 percent growth in small businesses and record-breaking employment levels. There is strong collaboration between the Danish government, investors, enterprise companies and startup communities that is fueling the growth in entrepreneurship. The benefit of high tax revenues is found in the fact that Denmark's workforce is one of the most highly educated in the world giving a massive pool of tech savvy youth. Its' government is reducing bureaucratic barriers and entrepreneurs can even establish their own companies online and receive free support from government organizations.

With such an empowering climate in Denmark, it is little wonder that coworking venues are being inundated with locals intent on creating the next unicorn.

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