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About Memphis

Also known as "Old Memphis", Memphis is a small town in the Pickens County of Alabama that has been inhabited since about 1820. Historically Alabama has been a "dry county" (no alcohol) but in 2016 this ban was voted on and at least 67 of its counties are now "wet" or in some cases referred to as "moist". The town is named after the revolutionary war hero, General Andrew Pickens when it was established in 1830. With a population of about 19,746 folk rumbling around its streets, catching up for coffee in a cafe or heading to a coworking venue to get creative, you won't have any trouble meeting the townspeople. The city experienced horrible destruction from tornados in 1998. Memphis Alabama is not to be confused with "Memphis Tennessee" that is mentioned in Chuck Berry's song released in 1959. This Memphis sits on a bend of the Tombigbee River where water sports abound such as fishing, swimming and boating. You can even pick out your perfect spot to set up a tent in the Pickensville Campground that is just north of the town when you want to have a night communing with nature.
Memphis may not be a tech hub per se, but it sits only 2 hours away from the bustling enclave of Birmingham where there are a lot of things happening in the tech scene. For those that are quite happy to have their own space without the big smoke, Memphis offers a low cost of living, beautiful surrounds and an ease to get to the large cities when needed. Alabama is becoming a haven for venture capitalists to budding startups, as it's a fertile ground for new talent with plenty of opportunities available.

Many entrepreneurs are shying away from the high rents and salaries involved in working in the so-called tech meccas and are opting for more inviting cities where a work/life balance is more easily attained and where there is a thriving community of out-of-the-box thinkers hanging out in coworking venues in collaborative bliss.