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Lalitpur, kupondol

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Lalitpur, 12 Tunthi Marg

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Wrapped in myths and legends from as far back as the 3rd Century BC, Patan is the 3rd largest city of Nepal, after Pokhara and Kathmandu. It sits in the south-central part of the Kathmandu Valley and is also known as "Manigal". Having suffered extensive damage during the earthquake in April 2015, Patan is picking itself up and brushing itself down. Coworking is a new addition to this city known for its culture of craftwork, despite its rapid urbanization and social plus political upsets.

Coworking venues are creating a dynamic hub for Nepal's tech-savvy youth who are managing to muddle their way around, through or over the country's unique difficulties. Home to the highest number of renowned artists and finest craftsmen in the history of Nepali art, what the area lacks for in infrastructure is made up by intrepid spirits and innovative ideas.

There have been a few success stories such as KTM Couriers who are an online dispatch system with a fleet of cargo bikes that can get anything through the worst traffic or weather and over often potholed or traffic clogged roads. Semantic Creation is another startup and Nepal's 1st virtual reality company that specializes in creating reality experiences of popular places around the country - think Annapurna Base Camp. The thirst and the drive to succeed are in Nepal and now the coworking spaces are creating the hubs for innovative souls to gather under one roof.