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Separated from the city of Kathmandu by the murky waters of Bagmati River, Lalitpur is almost a suburb of Kathmandu. This city now has a new name, Yala, but it is often still referred to by its original Sanskrit name, Lalitpur meaning "City of Beauty". It is where you will find the finest collection of palaces and temples in the whole of Nepal. It's the 3rd largest city after Kathmandu and Pokhara and sits in the south-central part of the Kathmandu Valley. The city is awash in fair-trade shops selling handicrafts with profits being channelled back into the needy communities of Nepal. With the opening of coworking spaces, it appears that the tech revolution has at last come to the "roof of the world".

Nepal has long been a hangout for wandering nomads with laptops in tow due to its low cost of living and has a high number of NGO workers and diplomats living within its borders. In spite of Nepal's lack of infrastructure, its' youth are working around the problems with a gusto that defies belief and ideas that are springing from the dire need to overcome the country's inherent problems. There are several startups that are reaching their potential and solving problems, such as KTM Couriers who came up with a simple solution to get a package from one place to the next with an online dispatch system and the humble 2-wheeler bicycle. For big parcels there is a fleet of cargo bicycles that can tackle any weather and any road conditions.

Coworking spaces have become the hive of activity not just for remote workers, but also for the locals who are demonstrating to the world that they can make a difference in their own country.

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