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Regina is the capital city of the province of Saskatchewan (aka Sask) in Canada.  The cultural and commercial center for the region of Sask, most people consider this province to be a flat boring expanse of canola farms and prairie basking beneath a huge endless sky.  Regina sits between Alberta and Manitoba on the Trans Canadian Highway.  It is where the largest curling rink was built in 1909; the longest bridge traverses the shortest body of water (The Albert Street Bridge) and where the first movie theater for Regina was set up in a tent in 1906.  Regina has the only Canadian college for First Nations People at its University, The Saskatchewan Indian Federated College.
It can't be totally boring in Regina as The Saskatchewan Science Center has had more than 1 million visitors since it opened in 1989 and the largest livestock show in Canada "The Canadian Western Agribition" (think cattle, sheep, goats, horses, elk, bison, alpacas, llamas and other farm animals) is held here annually. Canadian Mounties get outfitted via Regina's RCMP Depot that is also the Mountie training facility that has been in operation since 1885.  You can actually watch the "noon parade" if you like the thought of a lot of men in uniform or for that matter, if you just want to check out a Mountie-themed hydrant.  From June to November you can take in a footie game or head to one of the serving windows of the Milky Way ice cream parlor for the locals' favorite ice cream. If you happen to be in town on the first Thursday of each month, you are definitely in for a treat at the City Hall cafeteria.  This is when the Liver Lovers Luncheon Club gets together to gorge on liver and onion fare.

If the thought of muching on liver does nothing for you, then head to one of the bars in the Old Warehouse District or to the "Cathedral District" that is lined with cafes, bookshops and the odd restaurant.

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