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Home to the Mark Twain House and the capital of Connecticut, Hartford is also known by its nickname "Insurance Capital of the World", as it hosts a plethora of insurance company headquarters and insurance is the region's major industry. Founded in 1635, it's one of the oldest cities in the United States and where you will find the oldest public art museum (Wadsworth Atheneum), plus a few other "oldest" things in the United States. From old to new, yesterday to today, Hartford is now home to coworking venues where its tech savvy youth are gathering en masse to collaborate, rather than putting pen to paper as Mark Twain did.

Hartford's economy is based in research, education and medical care. It's the historical enclave of the insurance industry and home to corporate headquarters such as United Technologies, U.S. Fire Arms, Virtus Investment Partners plus Northeast Utilities that is a Fortune 500 company and New England's largest utility. Infosys has announced that it will be opening a new tech innovation hub in the city that will create up to 1,000 jobs by 2022. This innovation hub will focus on insurance, healthcare and manufacturing. Hartford is home to numerous educational institutions such as Trinity College and the University of Hartford to name a couple.

Connecticut has been flying under the radar and has so far produced 2 unicorns, startups valued at more than one billion. The region has engaged universities offering mentorship, programs and seed funding to help fledgling startups grow. There are plenty of talented graduates looking for fun places to work in their own hometowns such as Hartford, rather than having to leave for the big smoke of cities such as Boston or New York.

To-date the floodgates have opened and the region is home to around 1,000 tech startups. It's a state that shines as a place to live and work at a fraction of the cost of some other locations, plus it has a great outdoor lifestyle. Local economies are being rejuvenated and the number of funky cafes, bars and restaurants is increasing to cater to the increase of relocating or stay-at-home entrepreneurs. Coworking venues opening their doors is one more step in this gradually maturing ecosystem.