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Prague, Na Strzi 1702/65

CZK 4,690 / pp / month

Prague, River Garden

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Prague, Aviatická 1092/8

CZK 4,290 / pp / month

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About Prague

Prague is culturally and economically teetering on the brink of Central European and Eastern European with the glamour of Edinburgh and the grunge of Bucharest. What else would you expect of a country who has pushed people out of windows so often, they have actually coined a term for it? (It's defenestration, for you curious cats!)

Prague is a bit of a tourist Disneyland, easily walkable with stunning architecture and plenty of sights. Take a stroll over the Charles Bridge and towards the mountainside for quaint shops and a little nature. Most restaurants and neighbourhoods are catered to tourists, but several hidden restaurant and bar gems have Prague's affordable prices. Staying just outside the city is recommended if you would like a little space from the major tourist areas, just be aware of the infamous cab scams, it helps to know the price of hired transport!

When the hordes of tourists become too much, escape to the mountains and nearby forests for cycling, hiking, and even skiing. While the swanky Ice Pub is all the rage, Coworker recommends checking out U Sudu, a (literally) underground bar with different floors for ultra-cheap beers and DJs in this catacomb-like environment.