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Sitting in Hays County of Texas, Dripping Springs is a small town with about 3,140 souls meandering around its streets, so you will have no problems making a few friends or getting directions to a coworking venue if you have no sense of direction and get lost in the town. Known as the "Gateway to the Hill Country" (referring to the region "Texas Hill Country"), Dripping Springs is where you will definitely be sweating in the summer and may not need the thermal undies in the winter. The city is a part of the "Sustainable Places Project", which is an initiative to help cities create livable places reflecting community goals as they grow. Iconic as a brewery, distillery and winery destination, it's also the "wedding capital" of Texas.

Dripping Springs, as with the rest of Texas, is getting into new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and machine learning. Business software companies are reaping the benefit of capital funding and its early-stage ecosystem is continuing to develop with accelerators such as Sputnix ATX. Collaboration is happening between Texas cities with many building their own identities turning out positive successes in the "middle" markets with e-commerce on the rise.

Coworking venues opening up in Dripping Springs are giving its innovative locals somewhere to hang out in collaborative bliss rather than the local bar with too many temptations.