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Jeddah, 7051 al'amir sultan

SAR 3,000 / pp / month

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About Jeddah

Said to be the "coolest" city in Saudi Arabia with an open attitude that is not found in other Saudi cities, Jeddah has a coastal vibe with its amazing coral reef and Red Sea lapping its shores. A modern commercial hub and the gateway for pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina, the Islamic holy cities, it is cloaked in resort hotels with a seafront promenade decorated with outdoor sculptures. Its historic district was founded in the 7th Century and even today you can see traditional homes built entirely from coral. Coworking spaces have begun to pop up around this dynamic city to cater to the youth that are increasingly seeing the tech industry as their future.

Jeddah is one of 3 top cities leading the charge into the future, with the other cities being Riyadh and Dammam. Where once upon a time the cafes were bursting with innovative youth trying to connect with each other, today the coworking space has become the place to collaborate, network and get your stuff done. It is a city where laptops are on steroids and curious minds abound trying to come up with the next big idea.

Ecosystems and accelerators are invading the tech scene of Jeddah with coworking venues providing the space for tech whisperers to learn from each other, to grow and connect. The city has been ranked 4th in the Africa/Mid-East region in terms of innovation and the government is focusing on developing capital investment in scientific and engineering leadership within the Middle East.