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About Seraing

The bustling hub of steel factories and home to the crystal manufacture "Val Saint Lambert" that has been in operation since 1826 on the old Cistercian abbey site, Seraing is a municipality in the province of Liege of Belgium. Numerous artifacts have been found in the region dating it back to the 5th and the 6th Centuries with it being described as a farming domain in 956. The town has been known by several names over its lifetime and during the Industrial Revolution with the city so close to the River Meuse and the discovery of coal close by; it became the site of the first ironworks in 1809. Surrounded by myths and fables it is said that Seraing was a hot bed for witches and its folk tales regale numerous "witchy" stories. Today you can forget about any covens or warlocks and merrily go about your own business of getting creative in a coworking venue without the necessity of throwing some salt around to ward them off.

Seraing is no tech hub per se, but it does have its fair share of creative and tech savvy souls. Belgium is home to a developing startup scene with its capital Brussels becoming a booming hub for entrepreneurs. Initiatives such as Health Tech, Fintech hackathons and Startupweekend are putting the country into the global scene. The country's government has stepped up by providing various innovation grants, funding for accelerators plus tax incentives and even government investments.

If you look beyond the Belgians penchant for munching on waffles, the country has a significant number of creative souls starting up and scaling up, as they grab venture capital that rocketed into the big millions in 2018. Now that coworking venues have opened up in the city's streets, Seraing's creative souls have the perfect venue to hang out in collaborative bliss.