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Barranquilla, Street 94 #51B-43

COP 559,000 / pp / month

Barranquilla, Cl. 77b #57 Barranquilla


Barranquilla, Carrera 49C # 75-47

COP 35,000 / pp / day

Barranquilla, Carrera 53 No. 72 -136

COP 25,000 / pp / day

Barranquilla, n 85 -26 Carrera 46

COP 30,000 / pp / day

Barranquilla, Cra 54 # 64 - 223


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About Barranquilla

Barranquilla is a growing, multicultural cosmopolitan city, located in the heart of the Caribbean coast. There is a rich, Afro-Caribbean musical current flowing throughout the local population, and a strong underground alternative culture poking through from within.The city thrives on art, color, music and dance. Barranquilla is also the strongest economy in the region and is the fastest growing city in Latam. It is a center of innovation and has a rich heritage as a city of firsts for the country.. the first flight, the first train, the first phone call. Many of us consider it the hub-city of the north - from here you can access all the gems of the region, all the way around - from old Cartagena and the beautiful Rosario Islands to the east, across to Taganga, Tayrona, Minca, Santa Marta and luxurious Palomino in the west. Plus, thanks to its rich history as a bustling seaport, Barranquilla is home to many nationalities and cultures, affording local palates a wide range of tasty food. In the last few years, Barranquilla has blossomed into a place where people love to live.

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