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With the cost of living ranked 163rd out of 520 cities in the world, it is not exactly what could be termed a "cheap" place to set up a startup, but there are plenty wonderful reasons to live and work in St. Petersburg, Florida. The draw card to "St. Pete" is 361 gloriously sunny days a year, hence its nickname of the Sunshine City. For those into furry babies it is the 3rd most dog-friendly city in America and if you like to feed seagulls, there are plenty of those around to get up close and personal with when you are having a brain imploding moment from too much work.

Think sun, sand and beach plus the infamous monkey of Tampa Bay that eluded capture until a banana and a tranquillizer dart brought it undone. More known as a bawdy party town, St Petersburg is dotted with vibrant murals, a revitalized historic district and the awe-inspiring Dali Museum that will have your creative juices flowing.

Coworking spaces are gradually making an appearance amidst its funky cafe and restaurant scene where artsy galleries attract a young professional crowd to their doors. The farmers' markets are a feast for the eyes for the culinary seekers looking for artisanal foods, whilst the boutique breweries satisfy the thirst of those that like to indulge in some hops.

The second largest city in the Tampa Bay area, St Petersburg plays host to a countless number of college students during their spring break. Known by the name of St Pete to the locals, the downtown area is the central business district and home to many startup companies.

This is no chaotic exotic city to dive into, but you won't have any lost in translation moments if you speak English and there are plenty of interesting hotspots plus outdoor activities to keep you occupied when you are not tapping away on your laptop.

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