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A port town and seaside resort on the Pacific coastline of Mexico, Puerto Escondido has stunning beaches to do a bit of sun worshipping on and a bustling nightlife when you can show off the bronzed body in style. The township only appeared after the 1930s, as it was originally only a base used for shipping coffee. Its name when translated means "hidden port" but this is definitely not the case today, as it's a tourist magnet for surfers, backpackers, Mexican families and international beach lovers. You can ride the big waves at Zicatela Beach or throw in a fishing line in the large lagoon area sitting to the west of the town. Carrizalillo Beach hides in a cove of steep cliffs and now coworking venues dot the rustic streets of Puerto Escondido. It's not easy to get to as there is no handy international airport and you have to take a torturous bus ride of about 7 hours traversing hairpin turns descending the Sierra del Sur mountain range from the capital of Oaxacan.

Startup ecosystems are thriving in Mexico and its transition to an innovation economy may just turn it into one of the world's biggest economies in the next decade, if the government maintains its support for entrepreneurship by continuing to develop new initiatives to boost its growth. Mexico is at the heart of Latin America's tech revolution and has been the entry point for many global tech companies such as Uber, Google and Facebook in Latin America. Mexico has a growing economy with widespread mobile coverage, low banking penetration and an underdeveloped lending system that is pushing Mexican fintech to success. About 40% of fintech startups in Mexico are involved in the niche markets of lending or remittances.

Coworking in Puerto Escondido is a way of life for its inventive locals and globe trotting entrepreneurs as it's one of the most affordable countries to set up shop in and you have the beach to splash around in the water when your brain is about to implode.