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400 ARS /d
Incutex, Cordoba



Incutex is located in New Cordoba, a few blocks from central down town. This large open plan Coworking Space features a m... More

400 ARS /d
Cespedes Coworking, Buenos Aires

Cespedes Coworking


Our loft style coworking space is built in a recycled factory building that combines high ceilings with plenty of natural... More

300 ARS /d



Located on a small one-way street in one of the more trendy neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, Manawa Coworking is a space fo... More

2200 ARS /m
StartupM3, Buenos Aires



StartupM3 is a multicultural and collaborative space that is flooded with natural light and dressed in contemporary decor... More

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When I first signed up for Music Hub, I was very excited. It looked like a busy, spacious, and vibrant c... Show More
Zach Carrier
Señal de internet excelente, la comida del bar 1000 puntos, y los servicios.
Jaqueline Gonzalez
El ambiente de trabajo es muy bueno y siempre estan atentos a lo que uno necesita. Las instalaciones son ... Show More
Rodrigo Moreiras
En mis años de experiencia, primero como freelance y después como dueño de una PyME, pasé por varios ... Show More
Gabriel Cartuccia

This is where you can tango in the streets, pig out on huge steaks and go crazy watching football and no one will care. Argentina is a massive nation that cradles the Andes Mountains, has magical glacial lakes and Pampas grassland, which is the traditional grazing land of its famous beef cattle industry. The capital of Buenos circles the Plaza de Mayo, a 16th Century creation.

From an expats point of view, the language is easy to pick up if need be and the lust for scams that you find in Southeast Asia is not as prevalent. Working in South America is quite easy from a business communication point of view, because the time zones are easy to deal with, especially with America. Here you will find that most tourist visas are good for 3-6 months and you can have a pretty good life style without blowing the budget, which is always a plus.

From a startups point of view, Argentina has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit, whether it is in spite of or because of the economic instability and the political turmoil the country has faced, is a toss up. There is a strong pool of tech workers that are hungry enough to work for low costs and many companies based elsewhere are attempting to recruit this talent. Start-Up Buenos Aires (SUBA) is an organization working to strengthen the community of startup entrepreneurs by hosting workshops and classes on such topics as how to pitch to investors and how to get international exposure by getting involved in global initiatives. Buenos Aires has become a hotspot for location-independent and inventive entrepreneurs to hang out and collaborate, especially during the months of October to April.

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