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York, Tower Court

£129 / pp / month

York, Innovation Way

£50 / pp / week

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About York

York is one of the oldest cities in Britain, with an incredibly interesting history that tells of pagan settlement, Roman invasion, local rivalries, and many more thrilling stories. If you are interested in settling down in a place that has a lot to offer, you can’t go far wrong with York – after all, the millions of people who have chosen this one place through history can’t be wrong.

One of the main reason why working in York is such a great option is the transport links. It’s right in the middle of the East Coast Main Line, a railway network which connects both ends of the UK on the eastern side. If you like travelling, you are in for a treat here. You can get all the way up to Edinburgh in Scotland within two and a half hours, while two hours in the other direction is London. No matter where you need to go in order to meet with a potential client, attend an event, or just enjoy a weekend off, it won’t take you long to get there. The city walls are also hugely impressive, and are still standing today. This is great for those who are new to the city, for one sneaky reason. If you happen to get lost in the city centre, there is no reason to panic. Just walk away from the direction of the tow centre and you will come across the wall. Walk along the wall, and you are bound to get your bearings sooner rather than later.

The setting here is incredibly picturesque, with twisting cobbled streets lined with Elizabethan houses that jut out overhead. Large areas of the city centre have preserved their historic feel, which sometimes makes it seem as though you are walking through a film set when you head out for a wander. It’s the kind of place that can inspire, particularly when it comes to bringing new ideas to old concepts. Finding a coworking space in this city could provide you with the fuel to come up with something really special. Pubs are ubiquitous here, and the prices are low. That means you can go for a night out and socialise without breaking the bank, or even go for a working lunch without having to scrimp and save. Networking is easy when you not only share a space with workers in other industries, but also have access to cheap eating and drinking establishments. The city does have a tendency to flood at times of inclement weather, but the locals are used to it and often able to just get on with things. If you live outside of the river area, you’re likely to avoid the worst of the water. To sweeten the deal, you will also find that the presence of a well-known chocolate factory here often leaves the area smelling delicious!Check out the interactive map below to explore the coworking spaces that are available in York.