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About Saline

A city in Washtenaw County of Michigan, Saline is the town to be in during its annual Celtic Festival that attracts people from all over the United States. Once a hunting ground of Native Americans prior to the 18th Century, it was during the 18th century that French explorers would canoe up to the area to harvest salt. The French named this river "Saline", meaning "salty" in French. The 19th century saw the arrival of Europeans, many from England and Germany and the town was subsequently named "Saline". A small town with a few historical landmarks to make the history buff sing such as the Second-Empire frame that is a ​2 1⁄2-story residential building, Saline is also home to The Saline Fisheries Research Station. Saline has about 8,810 residents so you will have no problems mingling with the locals in a cafe whilst sipping espresso or when hanging out in a coworking venue getting creative.

Saline is not a tech hub per se, but Michigan does have a tight-knit tech community spread throughout its small towns of eclectic gung-ho entrepreneurs who love to hang out in tribal bliss collaborating and supporting new ventures or mad ideas that may or may not see the light of day. It's a research powerhouse with heaps of ecosystems happening where magic occurs every day. Because of its small size geographically, sharing is caring, loyalty is everything and introductions are given when needed. The Michigan Venture Capital Association provides growth reports of the tech industry in the region and it appears that there is a powerhouse of women founders. Economic development programs keep pace with the rapidly evolving ecosystem happening in a state that has historically seen the rise and fall of industry.

The intrepid souls of Michigan will not be defeated and coworking venues have become the battleground for many intent on seeing the success of their startup venture.